Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President


COO’s and Presidents need clear and concise operational data and insight as to its impact on near and long term goals.  Being able to see and manipulate the data from different perspectives, different timeframes, different product types, different business units, and via multiple organizational perspectives is vital.  Traditional hard-coded reporting and analytic tools simply do not provide the ability to change or adapt the perspective without having to rewrite or recode a report. 

COO and President Overview
Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President metrics

What does IntelliDash offer these executives?

The following important questions can be addressed via our dashboards:

  • Inventory Valuation, Averages and Trends
  • Production Direct , Indirect , Earned hours
  • Production Status , Production Variance , Work In Process details
  • Production Backlog by Customer Type, Product Code and Item
  • Material Usage, Material Shortage details
  • Purchase Order Commitments 
  • Vendor Performance including On Time Delivery , Vendor Scorecard
  • Purchasing Cost Savings and Purchase Price Variances
  • Sales Information such as Order Bookings by time periods, Sales Margins,  Sales Backlog,  Sales by Region, Sales by Product Code, Sales by Customer,  Sales by Item and other criteria 

Pre-built dashboards

There are several Executive level dashboards that summarize data in regards to Sales , Inventory , Finance and Backlogs.  Additionally each functional area of the business including Finance , Production , Purchasing , Inventory and Sales are supported with a myriad of dashboards that support the operational aspects of the business.  This enables an executive to have a robust and complete picture of the business at whatever level of granularity they choose to look. 

COO dashboards

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