Sales Manager


A Sales Manager typically is very focused on the ongoing cadence and execution of the sales process.   To successfully execute this role, timely data that can be parsed at the individual Salesperson or Customer level is required.  Sales Managers need to know not only what is selling, but who is selling and who is buying.  At the end of the day, sales is all about execution.  The more accurate and timely information a Sales Manager has on what is happening within the sales organization the more they are able to manage the organization. 

Sales Manager Overview
Sales Manager financial report

What does IntelliDash offer the Sales Manager?

The following important questions can be addressed via our dashboards:

  • Booking and Shipments for their area of responsibility
  • Estimates being generated, the value of those Estimates and the conversion rate of those Estimates 
  • Order Bookings by Salesperson and Territory
  • Sales against targets and Sales against prior years
  • Returns by Customer and Product
  • Who are my Top Customers? 
  • Sales On Time Delivery by Customer

Pre-built dashboards

A Sales Manager will be mostly concerned with the performance of their Salespeople.  Both against their targets and against prior year performance.  There are several dashboards that support this capability, an Overall Sales dashboard, and a Sales Matrix dashboard.  The Sales Matrix dashboard is particularly powerful in that it enables sales to be viewed via multiple dimensions in the Y-Axis such as Salesperson, Customer, Geography, Item, etc. and those to be displayed against multiple dimensions on the X-Axis such as Salesperson, Customer, Geography, and Timeframe.   A Sales Manager also needs to understand if his Salespeople are working on new business so there are robust dashboards reporting on Estimates (or Quotes in some organizations) and how those Estimates are being converted into sales.  Finally there are dashboards that provide detail on whether the business is profitable (i.e. appropriate Margins are being met) and if the organization is delivering on its commitments (i.e. Sales On Time Delivery).

Sales Manager dashboards

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